It’s one of the most authentic tea lounges I’ve been to by far. They get their teas from Taiwan and you can taste the quality in their teas. They use non-dairy creamers if you want to make your tea into a latte and you are able to control the level of sweetness (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). It’s a health alternative to other Tea places.

I ordered a oolong black tea (cold) with 50% and it was amazing, its in a generous size cup and unlike some of the other tea lounges, they didn’t give me a full cup of ice and just a little tea. Even stayed here to study and the overall atmosphere is very relaxed, and the internet here is awesome too. Definitely would recommend! =D

Melinda H.

Naga Tea offers a truly authentic Taiwanese boba tea experience to its customers. Located off of North 56th Street, just past Outback Steakhouse, Naga Tea is a cozy tea shop with a fun, community vibe. The menu selection is small compared to other tea houses in the area, but the best part about the menu is that every drink is fresh and all-natural. Even the fruit teas are made with real fruit, and none of the items on the menu require a powder mixture. Read more

This Jenn Girl