Pyra-Danny V.

I’m so torn! Even though this place isn’t far from USF, it’s still a drive away and tucked into an easily overlooked plaza with barely any signage. BUT if it was more visible and closer, then more people would crowd this place and I’d lose this gem! Torn!

The menu is very simple with only a handful of varieties within the Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, and Regular Tea sections. Boba or not? Then how sweet? But DAAAAAMNNNN these are the drinks you dream about when you’re left alone with only a can of generic soda. I LOVE how the Milk Teas are dairy-free. A Milk Tea combo of Black Tea and Ice Cream was unique–but it was creamy without being annoyingly thick, not too sweet (definitely less than a Publix sweet tea), and the Boba Pearls were perfectly chewy and relatively fresh. The Fruit Teas are also blended loosely but definitely contain the fruit’s original flavor. Yum.

Compared to local Boba places, Naga definitely specializes in its Teas so don’t expect groups of Slushies and Snows to appear to the masses. I’m down for that.