First up, was a hot mint tea for Jazmyne, and a Iced Pomegrante Green Tea with Boba for me! I’ll stop right here and just say, this was my absolute favorite across the board! It wasn’t too sweet (you can request a specific level of sweetness if you want), but the flavor was just right! Jazmyne was also very happy with her mint tea!

For the next round, we added Coffee Milk Tea into the mix, which was a delicious dessert-type drink! And Jazmyne’s favorite of the drinks we sampled, Pink Lavender Tea. This one reminded me of something you’d drink at a spa. The smell was very relaxing and it just had that spa drink taste to it. The tea bag was also left in the drink to keep the flavor strong, even when the ice started to melt.

If you live in (or are visiting) the Tampa area, make some time for a visit to Naga Tea, open daily from 12-10 p.m. at 10950 N 56th St. in Temple Terrace. You won’t regret it!

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Rachel Gault – Small Towns & City Lights

When you enter this cozy bubble tea shop, you will be greeted by friendly faces. Soft music plays in the background and the lights are dimmed, setting a calm and comfortable atmosphere perfect for studying or hanging out with friends. The walls are covered with fun black and white cartoonish characters, reminding me of the great Basquiat. The decorations are simplistic but unique.

With options like Passion Fruit and Pink Lavender, you will want to try every single thing on the menu. Meaning of course, you’ll have to come back for another visit. I tried the Mango fruit black tea while my friends opted for Black Forest herbal hot tea and Pink lavender herbal hot tea. Everything was delicious and since that day, I find myself craving Naga Tea at random. Not only was the tea awesome, but the atmosphere was so relaxing. It was such a nice break from my busy day.

Naga Tea was started by two USF grads, Carl Yen and Yi-hsiang Liao. They started the business intending to bring an authentic bubble tea experience to Tampa. According to their website, Naga Tea serves a variety of fresh, herbal, milk, and fruit teas with a focus on real product. They use no powders or artificial sweeteners and uses only real fruits in their fruit teas. All Naga Tea’s product is imported from Taiwan. It was comforting to know they take pride in serving authentic bubble tea. In addition, I was happy to be able to support USF grads and their business.

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Her Campus USF: Jasmin Lankford

I’m so torn! Even though this place isn’t far from USF, it’s still a drive away and tucked into an easily overlooked plaza with barely any signage. BUT if it was more visible and closer, then more people would crowd this place and I’d lose this gem! Torn!

The menu is very simple with only a handful of varieties within the Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, and Regular Tea sections. Boba or not? Then how sweet? But DAAAAAMNNNN these are the drinks you dream about when you’re left alone with only a can of generic soda. I LOVE how the Milk Teas are dairy-free. A Milk Tea combo of Black Tea and Ice Cream was unique–but it was creamy without being annoyingly thick, not too sweet (definitely less than a Publix sweet tea), and the Boba Pearls were perfectly chewy and relatively fresh. The Fruit Teas are also blended loosely but definitely contain the fruit’s original flavor. Yum.

Compared to local Boba places, Naga definitely specializes in its Teas so don’t expect groups of Slushies and Snows to appear to the masses. I’m down for that.

Pyra-Danny V.

NAGA TEA!!!!! so good! great little niche cafe. A hang out for USF students.  Their tea is delicious and they only have one drink size – enormous.  You can add fruit juice to your tea, or milk, boba, and even red beans!  You can also make any regular or herbal tea into a latte!  They have the coolest tea equipment, and cute figurines.  Very asian vibe and a lot of the staff speaks chinese.  They have a Square card reader tablet and they have a LoyalTea card, nine stamps and you get a free tea! love it here! I drive to Tampa from clearwater beach every weekend just to get my Naga Tea on!

Casey A.

Naga Tea offers a truly authentic Taiwanese boba tea experience to its customers. Located off of North 56th Street, just past Outback Steakhouse, Naga Tea is a cozy tea shop with a fun, community vibe. The menu selection is small compared to other tea houses in the area, but the best part about the menu is that every drink is fresh and all-natural. Even the fruit teas are made with real fruit, and none of the items on the menu require a powder mixture. Read more

This Jenn Girl

Upon entering, my olfactory bulbs are greeted with the overwhelming pleasant scents of this establishment. The menu offered many known and unknown options that made me feel as if I would never grow tired of the choices I could make here. The workers were incredibly helpful without being overbearing. All in all I would recommend this cafe for any one with a taste for tea.

Vince T.

It’s one of the most authentic tea lounges I’ve been to by far. They get their teas from Taiwan and you can taste the quality in their teas. They use non-dairy creamers if you want to make your tea into a latte and you are able to control the level of sweetness (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). It’s a health alternative to other Tea places.

I ordered a oolong black tea (cold) with 50% and it was amazing, its in a generous size cup and unlike some of the other tea lounges, they didn’t give me a full cup of ice and just a little tea. Even stayed here to study and the overall atmosphere is very relaxed, and the internet here is awesome too. Definitely would recommend! =D

Melinda H.