Naga Tea was started by two friends and University of South Florida graduates.   The two friends decided to start their own bubble tea shop after craving an authentic bubble tea experience and the limited selection of the bubble tea in Tampa.

Carl graduated from the University of South Florida – Tampa campus in Summer 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Medical Science and Peter graduated in Summer 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.  Being a Taiwanese in the United States, both partner wants to bring the most authentic Taiwanese Boba Tea for everyone.

All Naga Tea’s tea products are imported from Taiwan. The milk tea recipe is an original Taiwanese recipe from the 1980s and manually prepping each boba drink from scratch.  Naga Tea serves a variety of fresh, herbal, milk, and fruit teas with a focus on the natural product.   We believe in supporting the local businesses by using fresh fruits from the local farmers market.  Say hello to our refreshing fruit teas and say no to powders and artificial sweetener.

Carl & Peter


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