Naga Tea of the Week: Dragon Green Tea

Our Naga Tea of the Week is Dragon Green Tea. From Monday, March 23rd, to Sunday, March 29th, 2015 you can enjoy this drink for just $3 with tax included*. Our Dragon Green Tea is more commonly known as Longjing tea or lóngjǐng chá in pinyin, which literally means Dragon Well Tea. Taiwanese green teas mostly come from Sanxia, two hours south of Taipei. It is believed that Dragon Well has a cooling effect and thus this tea is consumed more in the spring and summer months in Asia.


Longjing tea is a mixture of pan-roasted green tea that is mostly produced by hand and well-known for it’s quality and fresh fruit aroma. The tea is not-fermented like most green and white teas which stops the oxidation process of the tea and boosts the antioxidant benefits of the tea. There is a press processing for this tea which makes the leaves long and flat. Tea handlers have to be careful to not over roast the tea since it is very delicate.

Antioxidants have been shown in studies to help in the fight against certain cancers, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, reduce the likely-hood of getting the flu and other infections, and help reduce the signs of aging. There is also enough fluoride in green tea to aid against plaque and other oral bacteria.


Come in and enjoy our Dragon Green Tea this week!


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