Naga Tea of the Week: Oolong Black

We are launching a new promotion at Naga Tea called Naga Tea of the Week. We will discount one tea each week and tell you about the benefits of the tea. Promotions will run from Monday-Sunday. Our first tea is Oolong Black from Monday, February 23rd to Sunday, March 1st, 2015. Enjoy Oolong Black Tea for just $3 with tax included during this time*.


Oolong Black is one of our fresh teas at Naga Tea served hot, iced, or in a latte. Oolong is a traditional tea made in a unique process that includes withering the plant under the strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. Taiwan’s diverse geography produces a wide-variety of Oolong teas with high altitude mountains producing premium teas.

Benefits of Oolong Tea

Numerous health benefits from drinking Oolong Tea have been identified by researchers. As with anything, it is important to drink Oolong Tea in moderation to achieve the benefits listed below. Here are a few discovered from studies:

  • Weight loss: Ooolong tea can boost your metabolism and increase weight loss for up to 2 hours after consumption. If drinking for weight loss, consider using honey as an alternative to sugar in your tea.
  • Stress levels: Regular consumption of Oolong Tea has been shown to lower stress levels in research participants. Does school or work have you stressed out? Grab some Oolong Tea and relax.
  • Lower cholesterol: Oolong tea can boost the health of your heart. The oxidation process aids in this.
  • Healthy skin: Studies indicate drinking 3 cups of Oolong Tea throughout the day can benefit patients diagnosed with eczema. The polyphenols in Oolong are believed to be anti-allergenic. After 1 month patients had a 63% improvement in their skin condition and after 6 months 54% continued the good response according to a clinical trial.
  • Digestion: The benefits of tea to digestion have long been used in Asia. Oolong Tea alkalizes the digestive tract, which reduces acid reflux and ulcer problems. In addition, Oolong Tea can help reduce bad bacteria because it is mildly antiseptic.
  • Blood sugar stabilization: Type 2 diabetics and those watching their sugar intake can benefit from Oolong Tea’s regulation of blood glucose levels.


*Price for special does not include toppings. No stamps will be accepted during the promotion for those who take advantage of the special.


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